Source of Hot Spring Natural flow over hot spring
Flowing from 3 sources of natural hot springs, temperature at 105-degree full discharge.
Hot spring is respectably from the best of Izu, atagawa onsen.
It is said that long ago, a hunter named Ota Doukan had found the now famous atagawa hot springs.
Having three sources beginning with the public bath, there are open air bath, private bath, pool and jacuzzi as well.
Enjoy the pristine natural hot springs of Katara onsen and soothe your body
with the low alkaline high temperature hot springs fully discharging naturally.

Tsuki Akari No Yu/Outdoor Onsen (Hot Spring)

Superb ocean view is remarkably visible.
There is a hot water pottery equipped in this well sunlit area, relax in this comfortable sea breeze open air bath.
Sauna is also available in the Uchiburo (Inner bath).

Women 15:00~23:30
Men 24:00~9:00
(Not available 23:30 to 0:00 for preparation)

Dai-Yoku-Jo: Mana

Very spacious bath overlooking the ocean. Come and enjoy the beautiful moonlight and feel the sea breeze for night bathing.
A remarkable bath resort to enjoy the pristine Izu daylight with the overflow of soothing hot springs. Cleanse your body after a relaxing bath at our powder room afterwards.

Men 15:00~23:30
Women 24:00~9:00
(Not available 23:30 to 0:00 for preparation)

All Seasons Indoor Swimming Pool

Relaxation by the pool
Enjoy all season with the indoor pool spa with natural light.
Pool is flowed with natural fresh hot springs.
*¥1000 entrance fee separately. (Included with Jungle Spa usage)

Jungle Theme Onsen(Hot Spring): Pau

A solarium bath styled Onsen (hot spring) modeled with tropical jungle theme.

*Separate entrance fee of 1000yen will be charged for (and pool set).
*For customers who do not have a swimsuit, sales of Yuami clothes are also available. (Fee required)


Equipment & Amenity

Shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, hair brush, hair drier hair tonic, Shaving cream, skin lotion, etc..

Onsen Ingredients・Effects of ONSEN

Hot spring type Sodium-chloride, Sulfate hot spring
(low alkaline high temperature hot springs)
Temperature 105℃
Effect neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, circulation, etc...
Utilization form The hot springs fully discharging naturally